Floor Coatings that withstand heavy traffic with less downtime

Warehouses and distribution centers are high-traffic areas that demand high-wear concrete floor coatings. Heavy loads quickly wear through normal concrete sealers and coatings. The cost of repair goes far beyond a new floor coating, especially when employee safety is at risk.

You need concrete floor coatings that harden the surface, are slip resistant and resist wear and scratches.

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  • Loading Dock Coatings
  • Heavy Traffic Floor Coatings
  • Battery Charge Area Coatings
  • Safety Walkway Coatings
  • Overall Concrete Floor Coatings


Coatings that withstand impact, traffic and safety standards

Manufacturing facility floors have their own unique requirements, depending on the balance of product type, foot traffic, forklifts, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical wear.

Appearance is important, but non-slip surfaces, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance are key factors to consider in choosing the right epoxy floor coating or urethane floor coating.

Contact us for any of these floor coating areas:
  • Department Floor Coatings
  • Heavy Abrasion Resistance
  • Unique Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Resistant Coatings
  • Loading Dock Coating
  • Main Traffic Aisle Coating
  • Battery Charge Area Coating
  • Safety Walkway Coating and Striping
  • Static Dissipative Floor Coating

Automotive & Aviation

Floor Coatings that withstand fuel and oils while maintaining safety and beauty

Automotive and aviation facilities require very specific floor coatings that provide a long lasting, safe surface. Fuels, oils and grease are not only slippery, but they are damaging to normal epoxy floor coatings. Extreme weight and constant pivoting of wheels require a very tough urethane floor coating surface.

A gloss or semi-gloss urethane floor coating with a high light reflectivity provides an attractive, bright working environment that is easy to clean and long lasting.

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  • Assembly Area Floor Coatings
  • Aircraft Hangar Floor Coatings
  • Military Base Floor Coatings
  • Maintenance Area Floor Coatings
  • Custom Striping and Floor Graphics


Floor Coatings that will give your brand a look of quality for years

When you are a commercial or retail business, your business depends on a positive brand image and customer safety. Whether light or heavy foot traffic, a high quality epoxy floor coating or urethane floor coating can make a huge difference in your brand look and feel.

You can achieve a positive impression and safety assurance with the right choice in floor coatings. We can offer a wide selection of decorative floor coatings, including multi-colored broadcast quartz and decorative flake floor coatings.


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  • Showroom Floor Coatings
  • Restroom and Shower Floor Coatings
  • Dramatic Entryway Floor Coatings
  • Customer/Employee Areas
  • Custom Floor Coating Designs

Food Processing Floors

Food Processing requires tough floor coatings that are heat and moisture resistant

Perhaps the most critical industry for quality floor coatings is food and beverage processing. Unseen bacteria, hidden in cracks and joints can cause illness in customers and ruin a business. High temperature, high-pressure wash-downs are a necessity, but can quickly ruin a poorly prepared or inadequate epoxy floor coating.

A low odor, cementitious floor can hold up to your needs and prevent an unappetizing taste to the products that you worked so hard to produce.

Contact us for any of these floor coating areas:
  • Temperature Resistant Coatings
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Customer/Employee Area Coatings
  • Bacteria Resistant Floor Coatings
  • Cooler and Freezer Coatings
  • Mixing and Cooking Area Coatings

Institutional Floors

High Traffic Institutional Floor Coatings that are easy to clean and bacteria-resistant

High bacterial resistance standards, environmentally friendly, time restraints and heavy foot traffic are all key considerations for buildings such as hospitals, clinics, schools or publicly owned facilities.

Root’s can offer long lasting epoxy floor coatings, urethane floor coatings or cementitious floor coating solutions that can fit any institutional concerns.

Contact us for any of these floor coating areas:
  • School and University Floor Coatings
  • Hospital and Clinic Floor Coatings
  • Fire Station Floor Coatings
  • Water Treatment Floor Coatings
  • Hazardous Chemical Floor Coatings
  • Kitchen and Laboratory Floor Coatings