Other Floor Services

Root’s Floors offers a full selection of services to meet the needs of our industrial and commercial customers, including line striping and concrete joint and crack filling.

Line Striping

Line striping is used in warehouses, storage rooms, maintenance facilities and more. It can be used to mark safety corridors, improve efficiency by clearly marking storage areas, and indicate forklift aisles in warehouses.

To apply line markings, the concrete is ground down to provide a clean, rough surface for the colored urethane to adhere to. Two coats are applied to ensure even, long-lasting coverage. Compared to other methods of line striping, this method provides the most durable results.

Concrete Crack and Joint Filling

Root’s Floors also provides concrete crack and joint filling services. Concrete slabs inevitably experience cracking and damage from use over time and can quickly deteriorate if the cracks are not repaired. Control joints are cut in the slab during installation to mitigate this wear and tear but must be treated and filled in order to withstand forklift and other heavy machinery traffic. Root’s will work with your facility to determine your needs and help you get the most out of the life of your slab.